Our Vision

"Make every possible effort to serve equally by excellent and satisfied services to all people by means of available limited resources"

Our Mission

"To provide enormous service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"


Bingiriya Divisional Secretariat has built a well established and efficient office environment to provide high clientele care to its clients. In particular, the corporate structure and the creative and high-quality human resources embedded in it are working to elevate this situation further by using ICT. More than 100 clients come to our institution every day, especially in regards to registrar work, land duties and various licensing activities.

Geographical and Administrative Location

 Bingiriya divisional secretariat is surrounded by North Rasnayakepura Divisional secretariat, by south Kuliyapitiya and Udubaddawa divisional secretariats, by west Puttlam District and Daduru Oya and by East Panduwasnuwara west and Kobeigane Divisional secretariats in administration. It is located on latitudes between      7 32',33" - 7 43' 30" and Longitudes between  79 54' - 80. Daduru Oya nad Budgamu Oya are main water resources. This division comprises 52 Grama Niladari Divisions with 154 villages. Agriculture is the main economic activity focusing paddy and coconut is the main commercial crop. There are many sub industries associated with coir. Brick production, poultry farm and  cow milk farming , Cutting flower are other economic activities engaged by people today. Newly established garment industries and Nico battery industry have been a part of its economy today.

 Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr.H.M.Wijerathne. 1963 1968
Mr.WG.Wijewardana 1968 1969
Mr.S.J.Wijesekara 1969 1972
Mr.D.Kasthuriarachchi. 1972 1973
Mr.P.Rajakaruna 1973 1977
Mr.W.D.A.A.kalistar 1978 1989
Mr.P.H.L.Wimalasiri Perera. 1989 1992
Mr.W.A.Premarathne. 1991.07.15 1996.03.21
Mr.P.H.L.Wimalasiri Perera. 1996-03.25 1999
Mr.W.E.Jayathilaka. 1999 2005.04.05


Mr.M.D Somarthne. 2008.07.02  2016.10.04
Mrs.N.M.J. Fernando 2016.10.05 2018.04.22
Mrs. Niluka D. Dasanayaka 2018.04.23 up to

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72nd Independence Day Celebration

72nd Independence Day Celebration

72nd Independence Day Celebration    The 72nd...

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